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Feb 22nd, 2018, 08:56am

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 thread  Author  Topic: Member Rules - everyone must follow  (Read 5982 times)
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exclamation Member Rules - everyone must follow
« Thread started on: Mar 29th, 2005, 07:31am »

Isn’t it great having an online community like this one? I sure think so. Let me just suggest a couple ways to make (and keep it) really great.

First – search the forum. Your question might already have been answered. If not, do not hesitate to ask. We do not bite.

Second – be polite. Everyone here is a volunteer. None of us gets paid to do this stuff. It just makes it so much more fun when we are all nice to each other. Remember what your mom said: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…”

Third – Post your question to the correct forum. If you are new and just learning – use the Novice forum. If you are asking about a specific type of programming, say databases – use that forum.

Fourth – Maintain the continuity of a thread. This means you do NOT delete your earlier posts and you do not edit from earlier posts critical content needed to understand the thread. These posts are part of the community once posted. They are useful in helping others solve their problems. If you edit or remove earlier posts, then the thread continuity is lost.

Fifth – Be patient. None of us are experts on everything. For the most part every post gets answered. From time to time someone asks something that none of us have ever worked with or even considered. You may have to blaze new ground yourself in these cases.

Sixth – Be part of the community. If you are active using the language you will learn. Your knowledge is valuable. Consider contributing to the forum. Check you answers when you provide code. If you are unsure about something let someone else pick it up. We are strong in numbers.

Seventh – Use proper English. Proper English is needed because this is a worldwide community and for most people English is not their mother-tongue. Chat-Speak is used for chatting, but not in a technical forum.

Eighth – Format your message. Use punctuation and white-space to format your message in a readable way. In addition use the advanced formating features of the forum to emphasize certain aspects of your message. See the thread Use UBB Code to format posts for the most common use-cases.

Finally - The Rules:

  1. This forum exists for the promotion and discussion of the Just BASIC and Liberty BASIC languages. Other programming languages may not be promoted here. It is best to take Liberty BASIC discussions to the Liberty BASIC forum.

  2. No in-depth discussion of other programming languages is allowed. Other languages may be mentioned when discussing code to be converted or tools that can be adapted.

  3. Usage and distribution of pirated software will result in an immediate ban.

  4. No spamming. Members who post ads, chain letters, and similar stuff will be banned immediately.

  5. Conforums TOS requires members to be at least 13. Members who include ages younger than that in their messages or in their profiles will be removed.

  6. Conforums TOS requires members aged 13-18 to have parental permission.

  7. Young persons should not refer to their ages or other identifiying information. This is for their safety and privacy.

  8. No bad language. This includes the masking of words with asterisks - we know its bad, you know its bad - don't use it!

  9. No personal attacks will be allowed.

  10. No flames. Discussions and disagreements must be carried out politely.

  11. No banners or other images are allowed in signatures. Some people find that forum pages are slow to load on dial-up connections. Images cause even slower load times.

  12. No discussion of illegal activities. This includes pirated software, warez, cracks and decompiling of software. No links to sites that promote or condone illegal or unethical activity are allowed in messages or in member profiles.

  13. We pay for the forum service according to the number of page views. Some off-topic chatting is fine, but please avoid long or frequent off-topic threads.

  14. Do not remove your messages unless you have a very good reason. Threads become useless when some of the messages are gone.

  15. Do not post harmful code.

  16. Messages that do not comply with the rules of this forum, and messages that are not in line with the spirit and goal of the forum, are subject to editing or removal by the administrators and moderators.

  17. Avatars are not allowed to display violence, any kind of military equipment or disfigured humans and living beings.
    Make sure to use images sized around 65x65 pixels to reduce scaling and bandwidth load.

IMPORTANT: There are some specific rules that we must enforce as a member of the Conforums community. Conforums maintains a set of comprehensive Terms of Service that all users must conform to. Please read over these as well. You must agree to both our rules and the Conforums TOS!

Last changes applied on July 11th, 2010.
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