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Guidelines for Questions about Assignments
Post by Stefan Pendl on Apr 22nd, 2011, 5:26pm

This site is dedicated to help users of the Just BASIC programming language.
If you are working on an assignment, here are some suggestions for getting help with it:

  1. Quote the assignment text that you have received from your instructor.

  2. To get better help, provide some code that fails for you.
    Anything you have already tried might only need a tiny tweak to make it work.

  3. You should state clearly which programming language you are about to use for your homework.
    There are many kinds of BASIC and this forum supports the Just BASIC programming language.

  4. Separate your questions into separate threads, if they are not related to each other.
    This also implies questions for different problems with the same code.

  5. Do not ask questions in someone else's threads, if they are not related to the original subject.

  6. We will not do your assignment for you.
    You will be given hints to find a solution to your problem on your own.

Following those will make it easier for the rest of us to give you the best help possible. Remember that this forum is not a way to cheat and get ready made solutions for your assignment.

We encourage you to also follow the other guidelines posted on this board.

Hope you enjoy taking your programming class as much as this community enjoys programming in Just BASIC.