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 stickylock  Author  Topic: Using the Novice board...  (Read 4085 times)
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xx Using the Novice board...
« Thread started on: Jun 17th, 2005, 12:12pm »

Welcome to JUST Basic and the JUST Basic support forum. We are excited to have you along.

This forum is the JB NOVICE Programming board. It exists for beginning JUST Basic programmers to ask questions as they learn to use the language. These are typically “How do I…” type questions. We have a host of experienced JB programmers hanging around to help you with your issues. I recommend you search this board for the answer to your question before posting, as the same questions are frequently asked. We may simply point you to a related thread if we find one that answers your question.

If you are a more experienced programmer and are working on a programming project and need more technical help or assistance in tracking down bugs, or if you simply want to share your project, please visit the JB Programming Discussions board here:

Please title your posts with some explanation that relates to the content of the message. “Please Help” or “Help me” and such does not explain what you want. “Problems with RND” would be a good example of a title for a question dealing with random numbers.

Feel free to post code here. The forum has a size limit to how much code you can post. It is quite a bit and probably won’t effect you, but be aware it exists. If you post too much code, click BACK on you browser, cut some of the code out and post it in a second message.

Please enclose all code you post in code tags. They can be inserted automatically by clicking the button on the second line of the editor toolbar with a “#” on it. They look like this:


‘put some source code here…


Also be aware that we maintain a separate files archive where you can both post and get code easily. It is here:

This forum DOES require membership to post or reply to messages.

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Just Basic users can visit Liberty Basic Connection for many resources that can be used in your programming experience - goto

Be sure to see the many useful articles at the LBNewsletter site at
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