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Jan 21st, 2018, 12:57am

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xx Help for Classroom Students
« Thread started on: Apr 28th, 2011, 12:48pm »

If you are participating in a class and need help with a class project post your request in this Novice board.

Here are some pointers to make sure you get the best help

1) Always state you are a student.

2) Quote the assignment text that you have received from your instructor.

3) Always show the code you have tried, it lets us understand your current skill set and formulate a response that meets your needs.

4) Obey the forum etiquette, start a new thread if you have a new question. Never delete anything you have posted, edit for errors if you have to.

Do not expect the whole program to be written for you. We will ask you to describe what needs fixing.

After that we will guide you towards the commands and program structure you need to use to accomplish the task.

Posting in this way is your safe route towards help. If you simply post and ask for sample code you may be surprised by the fierce reaction members have. There is a fine line between copying and learning.

You should also ensure that your course tutor is happy for you to use a help facility such as this. Some tutors will be happy for you to research and receive advice some will expect you to use the course material you have studied to date. Ask, don't assume.

The tutors who will respond to your request in this thread will understand your needs. So if it's allowed feel free to ask and happy coding.
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